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Exploration Paper Examples
How to use the paper examples...
Exemplar Grading Form
IA Grading Rubric.pdf
IA Example 1 - Breaking the Code.pdf
IA - example 2 Proving Euler's Totient Theorem.pdf
IA example 3 Minesweeper.pdf
IA example 4 Modeling Music Chords.pdf
IA example 5 Newton-Raphson Method.pdf
IA example 6 Polar Area Diagrams Florence Nightingale.pdf
IA example 7 Modeling Rainfall.pdf
IA example 8 Spirals in Nature.pdf
IA example 9 Tower of Hanoi.pdf
IA example 10 Thickness of Air Foil and Lift Force (aviation).pdf
IA example 11 The Birthday Problem.pdf
IA example 12 Horse Jumping.pdf
IA example 13 Game Theory and Bayesian Rule of Probability.pdf
IA example 14 Spherical Geometry.pdf
IA example 15 SIR Model and Epidemics.pdf
IA example 16 Track and Field.pdf
IA example 17 Geodesic Dome.pdf
IA example 18 Pharmacokinetic Profile.pdf
IA example 19 BMI Rating Wealth of Country.pdf
IA example 20 Modeling a Cooling Cup of Tea.pdf
IA example 21 Regularization of Irregular Verbs.pdf