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Heat of reactions
May 8 Chapt 5 Practice Quiz
May 15 Last Day of the school year!!
May 14 Chapter 5 heat of rxn and energetics
May 13 Review for Chapter 5 Test
May 12 Gibbs Free E, Entropy and Enthalpy problems
May 11 Gibb's Free Energy and Spontaneity
May 8 Entropy
May 7 using Heat of Formation tables to find heat of a rxn
May 6 Hess' Law (aka the puzzle method for finding heat of rxn)
May 5 potential energy diagrams
May 4 Lab review and Heat problems
April 30 Lab Finding the Heat of a reaction
April 29 Chapter 5 Heat of reactions
IB textbook Chapter 5 Problem Key
Notes and worksheets
YouTube-Tyler Dewitt Dimensional Analysis with Heat