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Drugs and Medicines
YouTube- Thornley Electromagnetic Interactions
YouTube- Hank Green's 5 Natural Poisons and LD50
Paper 3 and markscheme
May 15 NMR and Xray diffraction
May 14 IR Spectroscopy and D6 Environmental Concerns
May 13 Mass Spectroscopy and IHD
May 12 Steroid and Alcohol Detection w/GC/MS
May 11 Fractional Distillation
May 8 NOVA Calling the Shots
May 7 D8 Nuclear Medicine and D9 Purification
May 6 Taxol and Intro to Nuclear Medicine
May 5 Antivirals
May 4 Opiates and pH regulators in the stomach
April 30 Analgesics and Antibacterials
April 29 Drugs and Medicine Intro
Chapter Notes and recent Articles
Green chemistry principles
Catrin Brown's medicinal Chem Fast facts
Nuclear Half life Calculations YouTube