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NHS Members (Class of 2018), the 2016-17 tutoring year ends on May 31, 2017. Starting on June 1, 2017, you may begin earning and reporting tutoring hours that will be recorded toward your 2017-18 goal.  The 2017-18 requirement is 15 hours as per the bylaws.  In addition, if you did not complete the full 12 hour tutoring requirement from 2016-17, any remaining hours that need completion will be added to your 2017-18 requirement.  All tutoring hours will need to be completed to be eligible to wear the gold cord at your graduation.  Please submit all hours to x2VOL after the new goal is updated in the system.  Please contact Mr. Masarik with any questions.

May 31, 2017, 12:15 pm (over 3 years ago)