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Club Pictures/Videos
2020 Chinese cooking time
2020 Chinese New Year Celebration
The winners of 2019 tournament
2019 pingpong tournament_2
Ping pong tournament_3
2019 Pingpong tournament _1
Craft time- Origami
2019 Chinese new year celebration
2019 new year celebration_video
2019 Chinese Cooking time
NDA 5th Panda Cup Ping Pong Tournament_2018
Ping Pong games
5th "Panda Cup" Ping Pong Tournament
Preview Night _ Chinese club win!
Chinese Knotting
2018 Chinese New Year, the Year of Dog celebration
Chinese cooking class
Exciting moments of Ping Pong games
4th Ping pong tournament
2017 Club picutre
Chinese Craft Time_October 2017
2017 Chinese New Year celebration _videos
2017 Chinese New Year celebration (pictures)
Wonderful Ping Pong Matches
Chinese Club Panda Cup 3rd Ping Pong Tournament
Chinese Art Time_October 2016
Club senior send-off party_May 2016
Chinese New Year Celebration_Feb 2016
Chinese cooking expirience (January 25th 2016)
2nd Pingpong Tournament (Nov.16-23 2015)
Origami !! Fun time! ! ! (Oct. 20, 2015)
Yummy Food- Chinese New Year ——Feb 2015
Let‘s play- Chinese New year ——Feb 2015
Celebrate Chinese New Year (2/19/2015) 恭喜发财!红包拿来!Congratulation! wish you a prosperous New Year
We are a great Team!! ——Feb 2015
1st Ping Pong Tournament Nov. 17-24th, 2014